O'Connor Volkswagen - Pride Taken in Customer ReVieWs

At O'Connor Volkswagen, there's a legacy to uphold outside Augusta, ME.

Whether this stems from the brand served or our family name gracing the dealership, we take pride in everything we perform. Customer reviews play a huge role in helping our professionals achieve this sense of excellence.

How else can we elevate our game without constructive criticism leveled by those who know us best - our clients and neighbors all.

Google Reviews - The Gold Standard of Criticism Near Winthrop

With modernity, your online presence is obviously accessed all over the world - at any given time.

Friends and clients alike have some say in how a business relates to its base or prospective customers. Unrivalled performance and attention-to-detail are the hallmarks to good business.

To both values, a customer may find something lacking. It may have been the treatment accorded or a product purchased not up to the standard of a family-owned dealership near Brunswick.

Fortunately, the Google Reviews platform is the perfect venue with which to air concerns or offer accolades.

And as a Volkswagen dealership, we take seriously your efforts in lending opinions.

Our Online, Customer Reviews Page

As a courtesy to our patrons, we have implemented on online critique page with several options to tick-off.

Below categories of Rating, VW Models and Type of Survey, you may select your form of critique.

With your selections made, a listing of customers' comments is presented per the selections made previous. Each customer has gone out of their way to provide an honest appeal. And believe it or not, our O'Connor Volkswagen management team reads each review.

Any responses from our team are gleaned just below the respective client comment. In itself, this may inspire other patrons to author their own opinions with team responses to follow.

Your Comments Make a Difference Near Waterville

When our clients use our review page, they're made privy to all sorts of opinions. And with each digested, a client will then come to a decision. Should I purchase or lease my next Volkswagen from O'Connor Volkswagen?

Considering this deliberative process, we make an effort to perform beyond what's expected outside Lewiston-Auburn.

And comments left on our Google Reviews page get the full attention they deserve knowing we have our own process to facilitate. The following details comprising:

  • With a dissatisfied client posting a critique, we may reach out privately to confirm details.
  • Given a complaint lodged, all internal parties will be queried.
  • Then, a response or remedy is formulated and presented the client in-question.

In this holistic effort, we strive to maintain a professional sense of dignity. Any client concern is handled expeditiously in a transparent fashion. This also true of accolades forwarded.

See What Our Customers Have to Say About Us!

At O'Connor Volkswagen, customer service is our top priority. Read our stellar reviews, with a 5 star average, then visit us today in Augusta to experience the superior difference! If you're a past customer, please feel free to share your experience with us on our Google Reviews page, we greatly value your feedback!

Customer Accolades Help Us, Too

With accolades, we wish to extend our collective gratitude by graciously accepting your comments.

This serves to buttress and inspire our professional efforts going forward. There's nothing like being praised for a job well done or a client supremely satisfied with service lent.

And should you wish to single out a certain O'Connor Volkswagen professional or department, we welcome your initiative. It's then that we can compliment or award the recipient.

In all, your comments and reviews do much to perfect our approach to the brand and client base served near Rockland.

So, take the time and browse our Google Reviews page.

O'Connor Volkswagen - Ensuring Quality in Everything We Do

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